What does chicken mean to you during Rooter New Year?

With all the recent Facebook posts of all kinds of rooster signifying the arrival of Rooster Year in Chinese lunar calendar on January 28, 2017, this rooster article might have come across as just another rooster post. :) Therefore, I decided to share the photo taken in Yangon, Myanmar street of a boy with his rooster for the personal touch. I also would like to share little story about rooster. 

Chickens during childhood time

I was born in Pulau Langkawi, an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea north of West Malaysia. I could see chickens (rooters and hens) running around my house in the village (we call it "Kampung" in Malay language). In fact the chickens could just run around freely. They were not caged. Personally, when I was small, I touched and held many chickens - including small little chickens during their first born.  

Small little cute chickens just out from the eggs! 

Chickens during university and adult years

I went to further my higher education studies in California, the United States of America. I couldn't remember how many chickens I saw during the course of 6 years except in the zoo when in the States.

The chickens I saw were from the Supermarkets all packed in frozen areas either one whole chicken or cut into pieces. And of course the Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's chicken burger, etc.

I still remember a sad story I heard during my university years. 

It was about Japanese primary school children being asked to draw picture of chickens.

Most school children ended up drawing chickens packed in frozen bags as seen in the supermarkets or fried chicken pieces. Not many actually drew a picture of a whole chicken that was alive. 

Well, I am not sure how true the story was - but the story was trying to reflect how much our world has evolved into a modern society in expense of some fundamentals of simplicity in life close to nature.

  • how many kids nowadays have actually seen living chickens running around if the kids live in the cities with concrete jungles? 
  • Are all the living chickens seen by children nowadays being caged in the cages waiting to be slaughtered and wrapped to be sold to people who consume them?
  • Do children nowadays get to see living chickens only in the zoo?
  • How many have held a chicken in his / her hand before? I mean a chicken that's alive?

Eating (less / no) chickens?

Most of us are not vegetarians. And even for vegetarians there are some vegetarian dishes that come in the shape  and taste of chicken meat but made of bean curbs.

In recent years, I have cut down eating meat. 90% non-meat at home nowadays If at all, it would be fish mostly. 

But I am as guilty as any who still eats chicken, with most recent dish being the Prosperity Chicken Burger at McDonald's which is only available during Chinese New Year period in Malaysia. Sob sob!

But I am making my effort in every way I can to minimize meat eating as much as possible. From the days I used to eat 1/4 to 1/2 chicken in a day to nowadays 1 small piece of chicken only 1-2 times a week, it is definitely an improvement! 

I might not end up being 100% vegetarian one day, but definitely I would want to continue the effort of reducing the meat consumption.

What does Rooster New Year Mean to you?

As we all have our new year's resolutions for 2017 to achieve our personal goals - be it in career, health, fitness, life, relationship, spiritual, self development, etc, I believe as long as we have a strong will and perseverance, we can definitely make our goals a great success by end of 2017.

Meanwhile, let's not forget our little chicken friends.... :) 

Happy Rooter New Year!

Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 1, 2017 (Lunar New Year Day #5)

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