Inspirational quote: Seeing innocent child in them that we all once were

Place     : Yangon, Myanmar
Camera  : Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Inspirational Quote

Imagine a world if we all looked at others and saw the innocent child in them that we all once were.        -  Eric Handler

Visiting Yangon, Myanmar for the first time reminds me to be grateful for what I have today and to give thanks for everything

Seeing the children there -  living a simple life - with the innocent look - no fear of strangers - trusting in strangers - makes me think of the innocent child in them that we all once were. 

Really - living in today's face-paced world especially in the city of concrete jungles, many of us have lost the child in us.

And we also forget to look at the innocent child in other people too. 

We live in fear. We compete in life, in work, in everything. 

We deal with people as if everyone has a motive behind.

I want to find the child in me again. And I want to see the child in others again.

Would you?

Written on 2017.01.13

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