Thank you! Because of you, I'm one.

Hooray! My humble blog is one-year-old on September 22. (photo credit: Yuri Pettengill Photography)

I'm ONE.

Hooray! I'm a one-year-old baby now! :) This humble personal blog has turned one-year-old on September 22, 2016 with 118 written articles to date, including 16 race reports and 11 product reviews.

In retrospect, who would have thought that my blogging journey would last until today? I myself had so much self-doubts. The thoughts of giving up had crossed my mind so many times over during the last one year.

From the time this humble blog was born with the name of; to having its own domain name and completion of 118 articles to date, I have gone through so many things in a short span of one year in this blog writing journey.

5 Challenges I face

1. It's not as simple as it seems. 
The idea of sharing own thoughts and experiences through writing as personal record and motivation to others sounds very marvelous! But in actual fact, it's also too idealistic. :) Not so simple after all!

2. It's much more time consuming than I thought. 

Besides constantly finding new ideas to write, I also need to take photos, edit photos, design home page, and learn basic html coding. That's not all. There are still so many other things to learn and do if I want to drive traffic to my blog. For example, I need to learn about SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook page management, Instagram management, etc just to name a few.

3. It's not as fruitful as I thought.

After writing and writing, at times I feel very demotivated and I find that I'm wasting my time. Who is going to read? Why am I writing this for? Cant' I use the precious time of spending 3-4 hours on one article to do something more productive and fruitful?

4. It's not going to turn into passive income for early retirement.
True true true - confession time! :) Deep inside my heart, I was hoping that perhaps one day in the long run, I can turn blogging into one source of passive income for my early retirement. Then I can quit my job and blog "full time" combined with traveling around the world, and joining all the interesting marathons in any country I wish. What a wonderful dream!! But I'm too dreamy on this! So, shouldn't I look for something else to do which could be profitable and making my early retirement plan come true?

5. I can't be as private as I wanted.
The very one thing that I feel most disturbed and troubled about blogging is that I have lost much of my privacy. Sob sob! For those who know me, I even hardly post anything on Facebook, except running photos, or tagged photos in races. A friend once asked, "Why everything about you on Facebook is about running? :) Well, it is running that got me into facebooking at first place because I want to make new running friends, stay updated on running events and find my running photos. haha! Therefore, I have been keeping it that way and keep everything else from public eyes as much as I could. I just want to live a simple, low profile life. And I don't feel the need to share it with others so publicly on Facebook. I'm not a public figure anyway. lol! And blogging makes me expose my life to a certain extent. I wanted to give up because of this too. I'm simply not comfortable at all. And I just want to be nobody and blends into the crowd.

5 reasons I press on
1. It's the journey and not the destination that matters

When I first started blogging, my intention is just to share experiences. Never the destination but the journey. However, occasionally frustration eats into me, doubting what I do. Why shall I something with no destination in mind? The more I think about destination, the more I get frustrated. So I have learned to let go of destination and focus only on the journey. I feel much happier and less pressure!

Isn't life the same? We all will end up the same one day. And that's our final destination. If we simply focus on the "final destination" in life per say, we will have a very miserable life!! :) So I choose to enjoy the journey! Come, hop on the train together for a great life journey! :)

2. Doing what you love is not work, it's joy!

Actually, I enjoy writing. When I was in my secondary school, my Chinese essays were considered quite good. In fact, I won a nation-wide Chinese short story writing contest's consolation prize before. I still remember I was writing a detective story when I was in Form 1 or Form 2. haha!

I still like writing in Chinese but it's becoming tougher for me now. As for English writing, my English is not "powderful" at all. May be ok, so so lah! :)

I find writing allows me to express my feelings, creativity and thoughts. Strangely, it's also therapeutic! I get a sense of great satisfaction after writing an article. Where there is anyone interested in reading or not, it's another matter. But I enjoy writing and putting my thoughts down!

I guess I'm rekindling my passion in writing now through blogging. And I do what I love and love what I do now!! (Note: I can't put pressure on myself about timeline, targets, et so that I will continue to grow the passion.)

3. Give and share

I want to learn to be a giver in life. And if sharing is part of the process to be a giver and carer, I'm willing to go through it. We always hear people saying "Sharing is caring", but I'm not sure if sharing my experience is a sign of care for others? Or it's seen as boosting self ego? If one day I am told that I blow my own trumpet, then something is wrong with me. I have only one intention when sharing (as a private person): I hope that one way or another, what I write can motivate or encourage someone out there.

4. Learning to stay young

I enjoy learning new things. I also like to progress. For everything I do, I try to do it better the next time. Am I too competitive? Am I a perfectionist? :) But it's this trait that makes me want to learn new things, want to improve, want to progress. In running. I always try to see how I can improve my timing. In work, I always try to see if I can do something better. In life, I always try to see if I can make my life simpler. Anyway, I love the continuous learning part of blogging! I'm a baby in blogging! So much more to learn!

5. Spending time with family

With my 92 year-old day living with me, I am responsible to be physically present along with him as much as I can. I need to spend as much time with him and have conversation with him. Blogging makes me stay at home (instead of going out), allows me to spend time in the living room on my work desk at home while my dad sits on the sofa. We would then chat and chat about stories in the news paper, about my work, about my mom, about his thoughts about life. I also share what I write with him. In fact, he is part of the writing ideas too. Some articles were written based on him. And I show him all that. He is very happy that I write. He told me he used to write articles to newspaper when young. And now I'm following his footstep to write. He smiles when we talk about this. Blogging also creates more topic for me to talk to my dad too. And I'm very happy with this outcome.

I'm celebrating one-year-old! Thank you, all!
Despite all the challenges, frustration and discouragement, I'm glad that I have survived for one year. Phew! Not so easy to turn one year old!! lol!

This largely has to do with strong motivation and encouragement from you all - family and relatives, close friends, runners, triathletes, colleagues and readers that I haven't met. 

You not only pour out spirit of encouragement unto me, fill me up with more confidence, but also motivate me to persevere, and push me to become better. 

One notable motivation came from an unknown reader in Chicago, USA, who stumbled upon my race report on Half Ironman at 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah 2016.

Below is the comment she left on the blog:

This encouraging comment really motivated me.

I thought no body read my write ups except may be some close relatives and friends. But when this wonderful person from Chicago, USA left this comment, perhaps she didn't realize that it was such a morale boost and great motivation for me!!

In my heart, I told myself, as long as one article can motivate one soul, I should not complain about spending 3-4 hours writing one article. :) Isn't that what I wanted from beginning? To motivate others through my experience sharing?

Yeah - more is good. But even one soul, I shall be contented and happy.

Happy 1st birthday to!
(shiok sendiri! haha! :) )
Thank you for your great encouragement and support! 

Written on 2016.09.22

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  1. Awwwwww..... *blushing* referenced me!!!! :o)

    WOW! One year! Boy did I come at the right time!
    I am most interested in going back and reading up on all your posts...especially how it all began. Most I've read were about your journey to the half IM...because I knew I'd be able to relate. Now that the Chicago winter is quickly approaching, I will be able to spend time indoors catching up on your post (WARNING: Comments galore may come your way!!! LOL) :o)

    However, like I said in my follow up post to your Half IM post:

    I look forward to reading more of your journey...and perhaps a journey to the Full Ironman!
    I'm glad I commented on your post when I did and that you found that spark to continue writing. Your writing is AWESOME. Very entertaining! I really do hope you continue to blog.
    I once had a blog but time/work/life etc etc etc prevented me from keeping that up. I regret it as there has been so much that have happened since I stopped and now no documentation of any of it. *sad face* Don't make that same mistake.

    People may not also comment on your post...but know that if it's out there for the world to read, someone in the world IS reading it. :o)

    Not everyone makes for a great writer.
    I know when I see one.
    You definitely have the gift of writing.
    Share that gift with the world!

    I don't know you. I've never met you.
    However, reading your post makes me feel like I do know you. :o)
    You're posts are honest. They're real and genuine to who you are.

  2. Dear Funny Girl @ Savitre,
    You are a great encourager to me! So I must mention you! :) Wow! Winter time in Chicago soon - how nice!! we face the hot humid 86 degrees and above every day, with no winter. May be it's my turn to say, "winter winter winter but no winter. (i.e. rain rain rain but no rain!). :)

    It's my turn to ****blush**** now if you are going to rest other posts. Shy shy! :)

    I'm not a great writer. And please pardon my poor English. And some posts were written in Chinese. And no specific theme but more on running. :) When I started blogging, I was only thinking of jotting down my life journey / some milestones, and not so much of conforming to the rules of how a successful blog should be (i.e. - proper niche, single language, more commercial aspect, etc). I just wanted to go with how I feel to write, not so much of what the market wants. I really don't know what this blog will lead to one day. But I guess I shall keep myself happy by writing what I enjoy and not let the commercial aspect of blogging to rob away my joy!

    Don't force yourself to read yeah during winter time - cos you might fall asleep even sooner in cold weather. lol!! I'm already a happy soul in cloud 9 with your great comments and encouragment for the half marathon post!!

    But thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart - for seeing me with gift of writing! (Let me pinch myself several times and slap my face thousand times to see if I could accept your compliment! :)) I'm really humbled. Your comments will forever in my blog - so that whenever I am down - I can refer back here to read to draw on your ever happy-go-lucky, cheerful, motivating spirit!

    Happy Winter to you from sunny Malaysia!!

  3. Congrats! Many more exciting and memorable blogging years ahead! Keep it up!!!!

    1. Hi Jenny, sorry for late reply - forgot to check on comments pending moderations. :) Thanks for all the generous sharing of blogging tips, advice, etc. Learned so much from you. I will look to you as my inspiration to keep it up... Thank you! And looking forward to more of your ABC+Ds stories in 2017 and beyond. :)