Guest Post: There Is Always Hope

There is always hope

I have known my dear friend Yulian Indra from Indonesia for at least 14-15 years. She was my ex-colleague when I was working in an IT company providing ERP solutions. We have been good friends ever since.

She has been one of my strong motivators and encouragers in my recent blogging journey. She has also been helping to give great ideas on design and article writing. She even goes to the great extent to help correct my spelling error as she reads through each article. 

There has been a few times which I wanted to discontinue writing. But she has been continuously encouraging me to press on. She has such strong faith and belief in me that even when I have self-doubts. She never loses hope on me. And I really appreciate her encouragement.

When I invited her to write an article to be shared here, without much hesitation, she gladly agreed. :)

I'm really touched and grateful for such friends like her who sees the goodness in me, who keeps encouraging me and who uses actions to show great support

Her article is about HOPE with the message that there is always hope in whatever situations or circumstances we are in.


There is always hope
by Yulian Indra, Bogor, Indonesia

July 24, 2016 was a silver reunion high school celebration. The venue was in SMA Kesatuan, Bogor, Indonesia where we used to go to school. It's a new building actually as the old building has been renovated and become Kesatuan college, Bogor.

My school was a walking distance and took about 10 minutes to be there; or less than 10 min when i had to run to school because I was almost late due to either doing homework or going swimming or doing some house work first. My high school started in the afternoon from 1 - 6 pmmonday to saturday

The reunion at my school was quite fun. It was from 5 pm to midnight but my two best friends and I stayed until 730 pm only. We were either too old to stay up too late or too young like baby who looked forward to going home soon no matter how fun the reunion was. There is no place like home. 

At the school reunion, I met a lot of old friends: successful, less successful, fat, skinny etc. After the event, we still keep in touch through whatsapp group.

We plan to have gold reunion which will be 25 more years to go. Perhaps I will be walking with clutches by then.

About 2-3 weeks after the school reunion, my friend told me that one of our friends fell ill. I was quite shocked when I heard about the news. I just met her end of 2015 and I didn't know that she was sick. She was skinny (but she has been skinny since young) and she looked healthy. 

On Aug 11, 2016 we were informed that she was hospitalized at Cisarua hospital due to breast cancer and the cancer cells have spread to her lung. She has to undergo surgical operation for her recovery. I'm very sad indeed. I remember her fondly as she taught me math and chemistry lessons. 

HOPE is the physician of each misery. No matter how hard life is, don't lose hope.

I have hope

I believe she will recover. 

And I pray that the Lord will heal her completely. Miracle and God's love will be upon her and strengthen the entire family.

My friend's case has also made me realize how important health is. Health is the most expensive thing in life. And I would like to encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle: avoid smoking, eat healthy food, have a balance in life, and take plenty of rest and sleep

Have a healthy life.


Thank you, Yulian for your article contribution. I appreciate it very much. And I stand by you to I pray for your friend's speedy recovery and complete healing. 

There is always hope.


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