Exciting blog milestone: Little fun with HTML coding for a revamped new blog design and own domain name

Exciting blog milestone: Little fun with HTML coding for a revamped new blog design and own domain name

93 articles (8-9 articles a month) to date since birth of vincentkhor.blogspot.com on 2015.09.22

Time flies! In a blink of an eye, I didn't realise that I have been actively blogging for about 9 + months now with an average of 8-9 articles per month since the birth of vincentkhor.blogspot.com

As of today, I have posted 93 articles to date.

It's not a lot to many, but it's rather an achievement for me as I juggle between work, home and other things in life.

At times, it would take me 3-4 hours to write one article. The most time consuming part would be to structure the article and to source / edit photos (95% are own photos)  for the post. Rather slow yeah? But at least I got it completed and I have learned lots about writing and blogging alon the journey.

Unblocking mental block with little help from small black notebook and Evernote

Occassionally I will have mental block. And don't know what to write. It's rather frustrating!

To help me, I have practiced jotting down my ideas on a little black notebook and sometimes on Evernote on my Samsung S7 Edge.

Facebook page with 353 likes
Learning to engage on social media platform, I have created Facebook page for my blog as well. :) 

At times I don't know what to post. At times I feel shy to post due to my poor writing. 

Then I told myself that I still should go ahead to share what I have written. I can't expect everyone to read or like it. But as long as one day - may be one day - either now or future - one of my articles can touch or inspire a person, then my objective is met. :)

Truly, a big big thank you to my family, relatives and friends, colleagues, and runners and those who who have liked the page to encourage me to march on in this long and tedious blogging journey. And if not because of their encouragement and support. I would not have lasted for 9+ months writing articles. 

Thank you all! Really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Own Domain Name Registration 
( www.vincentkhor.com )
Don't mind sharing with you, i have been struggling to come up with my blog name initially. I have done some research on creating a nice blog name as well. Using own name is actually not so recommended. But I couldn't decide on which other names to use as my blog name. Therefore, I decided on using my own name. 

My blog is on blogger's blogspot platform, giving me the url as www.vincentkhor.blogspot.com.  

But after 9 + months of writing 8-9 articles a month, I am more confident that I will continue on this blogging journey. 

With the confidence, I decided to take ownership of what I write by registering my own name as the domain name: www.vincentkhor.com

I also had to spend quite some time figuring out how to redirect vincentkhor.blogspot.com to vincentkhor.com and vice versa. 

Thanks to Mr Google! After several attempts, I finally managed to complete the redirection of domain name. I am so happy to be able to crack the code on my own! haha!

Revamped Homepage - new look and feel

I have done some research before I started this blog. Originally I wanted to use WordPress but after trying out for a couple of months, I have found that WordPress is too difficult for me technically. No doubt it's more flexible and expandable with many plugins, but somehow the technicality part of managing the blog on Word Press has pushed me to blogger's blogspot.  :)

Well, Blogger's blogspot is not the best in the world. In fact, it has less than 1.5% market share whereby WordPress has more than 25% of market share, making it the most popular blogging platform.

But somehow I still decided to choose Blogger for its simplicity

Design is not outstanding no doubt. But thanks to many developers who are putting more attention to Blogger and developing free templates for download.

I have then chosen one of the free template to install for my blog. And i thought it's more of plug-and-play.

Little did I know that after installation, it took me 3 days to figure out the html coding to design the blog to the way I like.

Phew!! I'm glad at least the new look and feel of the blog is functioning well now. There are still some minor html coding that needs to be done as I still couldn't figure out certain portion. Nonetheless it's about 95% completed. 

I'm so so happy for the new look and feel! It looks more professional now!! haha! All the effort of leaning basic html coding is well worth it!

htm coes - yucks!! I don't like! But no choice but to learn the fundamentals so that I can design my blog's home page.
New revamped blog design... do you like? :)

Above is the mobile version of the revamped home page. I am sure you are familiar with it by now since you are reading this article until this stage. :) Anyway, I really hope that you will like it as it has clearer categorization and better look and feel.

Blogging Milestone

My blogging journey is not long. I can't write many articles either. Nonetheless, I will still press on. 

Here is my short blogging journey - just to share with you...

2015.09.22   : birth of vincentkhor.blogspot.com
2016.06.26   : I wrote my 50th article in 2016 and 90th article to date.
2016.07.08   : Registered for my very own domain name: vincentkhor.com
2016.07.10   : Successfully redirected vincentkhor.blogspot.com to vincentkhor.com. Officially to use vincent.com from now onwards.
2016.07.10   : Completed the revamp of home page design and layout with some html coding to celebrate the move to vincentkhor.com

What's Next?
I will continue to write my articles with the target of writing 100 articles by end of this year. Is it possible? Well, so far I have achieved mid year target. And if I continue to have new ideas, I shall be able to write 100 articles in 2016. :)

Thank you once again to all for your support and for helping to put my dream into actions. 

Written on: 2016.07.14

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