Work life balance: Spending time with family is key driving force

When I decided to start blogging in September 2015, I only wanted to write mainly about running and any extension from running (i.e. triathlon, nutrition, etc). 

But then I thought I shall also write something that can be motivating and inspiring to someone even though it might not be running related. Hence, the section on "Inspiration" - inspirational quotes with mainly photos I took and sharing on my personal life experiences (but still mainly on sports-inspired theme).

When my mom has left us suddenly on Dec 6, 2015, I started to realize how fragile and short life is. And also to allow me to express my feelings towards my mom, I have decided to include a section for my family, especially my mom. It will serve as a dedication to the greatest mother I ever have.


Never would I want to write about work. :) 

But today, I have decided to write about it - triggered by the most meaningful key chain I have ever received as a gift from my Philippines colleague in early 2015 when she decided to embark on her next phase of beautiful, meaningful life! 

The front side of key chain reads, 
"Vincent is improving lives through better careers."

The back side of the key chain reads,

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." - Col. 3:22-24 

I used to spend about 10 hours in office, going home around 730 pm or 8 pm. Not healthy huh? :) I used to be known as one of the last 3 people to leave office. The other 2 are my bosses. I can't name names or they will scold me!! lol!

Did I inherit the working late culture from them? No. I did not. It's my own perfectionism and high expectation of myself that has held me back in office. I always thought I could do my work better, faster. And I don't like to hold things to the next day. :) Also, since I'm in operations, during working hours I am always tied up with meetings, ad hoc matters and ground work. It seems that the only time I have for strategic thinking and planning is when everyone else has left. That's when the quietness sits in, and my mind and brain can start to think and plan.

So, I'm the problem right? :)


Hard habit is hard to break!

But my mom's passing away and my eagerness to spend more time with my dad at home has driven me to practice work life balance.

Every time I want to work longer, I think of my dad waiting at home for daily catch up before he sleeps at 8pm. This motivation drives me to shut down my laptop and go home to be with my dad.

I'm grateful for the motivation because it's very important to spend time with family before it's too late. 

I know my 92-year-old dad doesn't want any money or luxury itemsWhat he wants is my time with him.  

I wish I don't have to work but to be at home with him. But with the work being a major part of our lives, I shall do my best to ensure I spend enough time with him after work every day.


Is it balanced now? 

Well, not entirely. But definitely more balanced than before. :) 

I wish I could have dinner with my dad every day after rushing home. But he is used to taking early dinner. And he has adjusted his dinner time from 2 pm (yes! 2 pm dinner :)) to 3.30 pm then to 4.30 pm and then to the present 5.30 pm. 

But 5.30 pm is only about time for me to go home from work after practicing work life balance (used to be around 7.30 pm or 8 pm).

There are few occasions that my dad waited for me to have dinner together. The latest one time was 715 pm due to traffic jam. And I felt very bad about it.  Since then, I have asked him not to wait for me for dinner.

It would be nice if I can have dinner with him every day though. :)

For any quality time I miss out to spend with dad on week days, I would then make up on Saturday and Sunday.

Is it a sacrifice at my end?

Yeah, I have to sacrifice a little part of my time and what I want to do on my own for the love of my dad. 

Is it well worth it? 

Yeah, most definitely. :) His smiling face when seeing me reach home every day is a strong indication. :) 

I still have time. But he is running out of time at his age. 

What I can offer is my time. 

In Summary

Work life balance  is important. 

But it doesn't mean after work we spend time on our own things. 

Key is to have more time with family and loved ones

Never get so busy making a living that we forget to make a life!

Written on 2016.05.28

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  1. Vincent, yes.. its true indeed. Times never come back.
    Spend more times with the loved one is the previous moment, cant buy with money.

    1. Couldn't agree more, Yulian!

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  3. ** should be precious not previous.

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