Selected as one of the top 20 most touching articles about lost loved ones & RM 200 encouragement from Sin Chew Newspaper

As I was checking through my personal email last Thursday (May 12), I was shocked to have received an email from Sin Chew Newspaper's Culture & Education Department.

It was a congratulatory note for my article submission on "You are always there - a letter to the lost loved one".

In the email, it said that my article that I submitted about my mom recently has been selected as "One of the Top 20 most touching letters" and won myself RM200 cash prize sponsored by Fairy Park Group, a company specializes in one-stop concept for modern cemetery & bereavement caretaking.

I almost fell off my chair reading the email.

I re-read at least 3 times to ensure it wasn't a scam.

In my whole life, luck hasn't been on my side. 

I have only won 1 lucky draw (a table fan) from my previous company, and a RM 100 from lottery ticket purchase in my whole life. 

During my secondary shool days, I did submit a short novel for a competition organised by a national Chinese magazine. If I remember correctly, I was in Form 3. And I won a consolation prize for it. :) And I thought it was pure luck as I haven't been very good in my writing - either Chinese or English. There are many many others who write much better than me.

Anyway, this RM 200 and congratulatory note for being selected as one of the top 20 most touching letters written to lost loved ones really gave me a moral boost!

You see - writing blogs is never easy. It's tiring

At times when the creative juices don't flow and the mind gets stuck, it's very hard to sit down and write.

And early this year I have set myself a high target of writing 100 articles in 2016. At times I could feel the pressure especially when no ideas would flow through my mind and hands.

In fact, I have stopped writing for the last 2 weeks, thinking of taking a break.I was kind of burned out from writing and not having good enough ideas.

Therefore, this encouragement came very timely!  

In fact, I couldn't stop myself from sharing the joy of this "affirmation" with my close friends, family, relatives and close colleagues. When I told my dad, he was laughing, "ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!". I could sense that he felt very proud of me. :) Lol!! 

See - my dad has always wanted to write a book. He used to contribute articles to local newspaper when he was younger in his 30s when woeking in Penang.  So he is deeply encouraged knowing I wanted to write a blog. 

It's not about the money, but more of a confirmation that I shall continue to write

I also see it as a sign from my mom and God that I should continue to press on and don't give up easily.

I thank God and mom for the clear sign when I feel down and feel like giving up.

So I will press on to continue writing  - at least to achieve 100 articles in 2016 on my blog to share, and inspire others.

As for the RM 200 prize money, I will donate it for good cause on behalf of my mom.

Life lessons I have learned

Don't be afraid to try new things

Don't give up easily

Look for signs and wonders along the journey

I'm sure beautiful little things like what has happened to me would have happened to you too - giving you blessed assurance of your path!!

Written on 2016.05.16

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  1. Congratulation Vincent. Happy for you. Dad must be happy. Mom also happy n proud of you, she sees n watch you from the heaven

    Keep on writing n never give up.

    Once again. Congratulations

    1. Yeah, Yulian.. I will keep on writing... tiring but will press on.. Thank you for your encouragement.

    2. 嚄,你的华文友水准已受报馆承认。因为你用心和太爱你母亲。。真情流入,值得赞赏。再接再厉!

    3. Ms Ong, 夸奖了!我的中文不好!只是用心尽了力就好。没图什回报。。。 谢谢你的鼓励哦!

    4. 我只是直话直说,没夸大喔。。。几时会刊登在星洲?